Prepping the Shaman

          Yesterday was a prep day for The Shaman. I took him down to the highest rated motorcycle mechanic in the area and had a full tune up. Oil change, new brakes, and a new tire. That ran me $19.83. Not bad considering its my primary source of transportation. I also invested in a full sized helmet. 

          Tomorrow morning, Sunday, I start my 3 day, 472 mile, journey to Da Nang. I have a few stops planned along the way that should be great for memories and photo ops. If I go straight through, it is over 14 hours of riding. And thats just absurd. Da Nang might be home for a while. I'll definitely be traveling a lot more, but the beaches there look amazing, and I've been told the food is better in the south. 

          This is stepping out of my comfort zone. I don't know anyone in the stops along the way. Isn't that the point? I do have a Londoner to meet up with in Da Nang, though. His name is Daniel, and he's the bee's knees. A tough SOB that I get along with when we drink. 

          This past week, he informed me that he scored us some tickets to the X Factor (TV show) in Thailand in November. A friend of his is performing. Aaaaaaaaand I may have booked a villa on a beach in Thailand for Christmas with a few other friends I have made along the way. 

          Hanoi. This city is chaotic. Beautiful, but chaotic. I love it, but I cannot wait to waive goodbye. Ill obviously be taking trips back to pick up friends and to finish my tattoo (8^o), but its going to be wonderful to finally visit the rest of this country (besides Ha Long).

          Tomorrow, I will begin to put more milage on a motorcycle in 3 days than I have collectively throughout the rest of my life. Wish me luck.