From here forward...


     I'm only going to fill you in on one story about what I've done since I've been here. Not because I'm lazy, but because the first time I wrote everything out about my past month in Vietnam, it didn't save. Squarespace somehow malfunctioned and didn't save what I had typed.

   So here is the story of the craziest thing I have ever done. 

     I decided that it would be a great idea to ride a motorcycle from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. This was a terrible idea. My GPS took my on a route where motorcycles are not allowed, so I was forced into finding a route around. I managed to do this without much effort, but it was arguably one of the most dangerous things I have ever done. The route to Ha Long is supposed to take about 3 hours by buss. so, 3.5 - 4 hours by motorcycle. 

     The first hiccup of my journey was when my rear tire blew out doing 70 K/hr. I would be lying if I told you I didn't panic. After realizing why my rear end was sliding around underneath me, I managed to decelerate and get the bike off to the side of the road. As my luck would have it, right in front of a mechanic shop. He had a new tube in the tire in 30 minutes and I was on the road again. 

     About a minute later, I was swerving out of the way of someone that decided to drive up the wrong side of the road in my lane. I swear you could not have fit a piece of paper between our bikes, but we both managed without harm. 

     I finally got to Ha Long after several more sphincter tightening incidents, but hey, I'm still here safely, and it was pretty exciting. 

     The ride back was just as intense. I got off of the beaten path and rode through some roads separating farmlands and small living areas. The locals couldn't help but stare at me, and I couldn't blame them. I imagine the reason being that they don't see to many westerners in their area, but I want to imagine its because I'm so damn good looking. 

Thats all I'm going to type today, but hopefully I'll feel like filling everyone in on the earlier stories later. This journey has been absolutely incredible.